Stevie Ray Vaughan Guitar Techniques

I understand Stevie Ray Vaughan's vision - I have the responsibility to share this knowledge with you!

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Stevie Ray Vaughan's legendary guitar technique is found in his recordings, however, it was in live performances where you could really appreciate how much more he could do.

This guitar tutorial is based on his live performances!

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Stevie Ray Vaughan Guitar Techniques

1 hour approx. Stevie Ray Vaughan guitar techniques video

Learn SRV phrasing, dynamics, SRV classic killer licks, SRV sound, learn how to play "Little Wing" note for note and more...

In Memory Of Stevie Ray Vaughan

Tribute song by Chris Ochoa using Stevie Ray Vaughan's guitar phrasing style.

I recorded this song thinking about what Stevie would do, not what I would do, and I think the result is beautiful!

(Wav File - 31.8 MB)

Practice Tracks In The Style Of SRV

Tracks for you to practice Stevie's techniques. These are NOT backing tracks of any of his songs. They are tracks to practice his style of playing in all different keys.

(Wav Files - Drums & Bass)

Testimonials - Via Social Media

Your rendition, even the long version, was TRULY IMPECCABLE. And the long version becomes intensely difficult towards the end. I applaude you for that, Chris.Nature & Beauty come alive in Jimi's & your melodies. Birds, waterfalls, etc. Pure GENIOUS! My heart swelled & my eyes filled with thick tears to hear that again.Thank You.You got it note for note, Sweetie.

Luwana Littlewing

You're pretty impressive mr. Chris OchoaI say it like that cuz you should be known for your skills and your name for their own right

Jason Moore

He's f*ckin' good, one of the best guitarists I know and good buddy as well!

Wojtek Imielski

Holy shit man.... I just ran across your Little Wing vid..... I’m speachless.. THAT was freakin amazing and brought goosebumps. I’ve been playing most of my life to be able to play SRV like you do...much MUCH work ahead of me! Absolutely awesome man!!!!

John Vaca

Thank you for inspiring me to find my voice. In a couple of years we will both know what would happen if you mashed SRV with David Gilmour. I will find you on FB and connect so we can stay in touch. That might force me to actually us my FB for more than ads. I am still very interested in hearing your album.

Kevin Hoff

Best SRV covers I've ever seen/heard. Anyone wanting to play that style guitar can learn some tips and tricks from this guy that 9 times out of 10 you won't find anywhere else

Chet Jones

Always Play Her With A Feelin'

-Stevie Ray Vaughan-