I understand Stevie Ray Vaughan’s vision – I have the responsibility to share this knowledge with you!

SRV Guitar Techniques
Limited Edition SRV Guitar Tutorial. No longer for sale. A new version is coming soon.

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Shipping June 6, 2018! Thank you so much for your patience.

What’s Included:

1) SRV Guitar Techniques Video: A 90 minutes Stevie Ray Vaughan guitar techniques video. Includes how to play “Little Wing” note for note.

2) Bonus Documentary Film: A 1 hour bonus film about his technique. This is one video you don’t want to miss!

3) In Memory Of Stevie Ray Vaughan Single: A tribute single song in memory of Stevie Ray Vaughan.

4) Backing Tracks: Backing track of “In Memory Of Stevie Ray Vaughan” single + backing track of “Little Wing”.

5) Stevie Ray Vaughan Poster: A one of a kind Stevie Ray Vaughan drawing made by an artist.

6) 5 Of My Signature Guitar Picks: The guitar pick that has changed my life. String transitioning or “string hopping” when soloing is probably the most difficult challenge we (guitar players) face. This pick makes string transition effortless. Also helps you correct bad habits with your picking technique.

7) SRV Autograph T-Shirt: A Stevie Ray Vaughan t-shirt of his autograph. (don’t forget to include your t-shirt size at the time you check out)

The Story Behind This Tutorial:

I am shocked, sad and disappointed by the way most of today’s guitar players reply to this question. The often say, “not going to happen”, “I’ll never be that good”, “LOL yea right”, “It’s not possible”, etc… – they don’t have faith in themselves anymore and that says how their future on their guitar journey is going to be ):

I’m Chris Ochoa and I’m a huge fan of Stevie Ray Vaughan. I have been studying his techniques for the past 14 years when suddenly something clicked and I was able to find out what was it that made him more special among hundreds of other awesome guitar players and it is now my responsibility to share this knowledge.

The world needs more guitar players like him and not guitar players that idolize guitarists from the 60’s – 80’s, is there anybody from the 90’s and up?…

I’m not saying anybody could play exactly like him, there’s only one of us in this life, but you could definitely sound like him if that is what you want, and definitely you could be just as good if that is what you want to be. But you won’t be one of them with the “I can’t do it” mentality or just because you can play fast. There is a formula and you must follow it in order to become one of them.

I looked and searched everywhere, watched hundreds if not thousands of videos in the last years and nobody has shared this information. They either don’t know it or they hide it from everybody else to keep their position, which is to me very selfish of them. There is plenty in this world for everybody, so why not share it.

Once I figured out a lot of things about Stevie’s techniques I started to get questions about what gear do I use, or how do I play like this and when I tell them that most of the time I use NO GEAR (straight to the amp or unplugged) they don’t believe me. My answer to them is always: “to stop thinking is the gear and to focus on the way he approached scales and riffs which were not that many, but were done in a very specific way”. But I guess this knowledge is not easy to understand. Is almost like truth hidden in plain sight. I know how silly this sounds but if this was not a secret, then everybody could do it.

I always ask people that think it’s all in the gear: “if Stevie were to play with your guitar and your gear, would he still sound the way he did?”… Of course he would.

Stevie Ray Vaughan was known by the way he sounded with any guitar and any amp.

I want you to try this: If you are a fan of him, I want you to imagine him right now playing your guitar, acoustic or electric, does he still sound just as good?… are you getting the hint?

This tutorial is the one and only I WISH I had when I started my “blues Stevie Ray Vaughan journey”, and like I said, my responsibility now is to share this information, get you on the right track earlier than I did and help you get there faster. I figured this out in less than a year, can I have my 13 years of clueless time back? nope.

This will be one of the hottest guitar tutorials and a must have for any guitar player!