Stevie Ray Vaughan Guitar Techniques Started!

Ok guys, as I promised, this product was going to be available to you one way or another. I have started already working on it and couldn’t be more excited and so relieved that I get to put all this information somewhere. I feel like I’ve been keeping a world wide secret for so long and now that is going public it does feel great!

I have been always the type of person that likes to help in any way I can so it is a great feeling to see this product finally being made.

Not only that, I am excited to announce that there are 2 more of this products in mind and as soon as I can I’ll start working on them. All I know is, we have something really great going on here and as soon as the whole idea and plans are set in stone I’ll post an announcement here and on social media sites like facebook and youtube…

I will be posting updates of the “Stevie Ray Vaughan Guitar Techniques” as often as I can. Behind the scenes, pictures, videos and all that cool stuff. Peace!

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